Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More from the new issue of Rigor Mortis

BOO! [cut] Now Say “Boo” Again, but Really Scary
A Look at Reality Paranormal Shows

By DeadVida

As a child, I loved being scared by the paranormal. I tuned in for “In Search Of”, read The Amityville Horror and watched Poltergeist. Hell, I even remember the parapsychology episode of “Charles' Angels”. That shred of plausible truth was enough to attract and terrify me.

As it turns out, Grim Pickens was exactly the same kind of weird kid. In fact, we had many of the same paranormal-related books when we got together. Our list of dream occupations includes parapsychologist (and marine biologist - SyFy Saturday here we come!). When we began noticing ghost shows popping up on television, we were slowly drawn in; we wanted to believe. We wanted to be scared again.

While the rest of the country votes on “American Idol” or quotes “Seinfield” with biblical accuracy, we sit in the dark week-after-week growing more opinionated about reality shows about ghosts. We armchair quarterback spectral investigations we would never want to be part of. If we ask our 3-year-old, “It's Friday, what's on tonight?”, he will dutifully answer, “Goofy Ghosthunters!” We have caught him trying to plug headphones into the computer to play “Ghost Hunters”. We recognize we are not model parents, no need to send hate mail.

The following are our current favorite shows. Please know that all criticisms are given in that really irritating way of true fans (and send swag, we'll wear it!).

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