Friday, December 10, 2010

Z. A. Recht - One Year Ago Today

Horror author Z.A. RECHT left us one year ago today. We dedicated our last issue to him and ran a piece on this rising talent whose potential we'll never fully know.

He was unable to complete his apocalyptic zombie series THE MORNINGSTAR TRILOGY (PLAGUE OF THE DEAD & THUNDER AND ASHES) leaving fans to wonder how the story ended.

Luckily, what he did have completed and also through the notes he'd left behind, Recht's final book SURVIVORS is being assembled right now with the blessings of his family. The folks at Permuted Press are painstakingly pulling together the elements to allow Z. A. Recht's legacy to live on, in as close to his voice as is possible. The news of this undertaking is huge for fans of the series. We wish them all the best. Visit Z's forum to see snippets of the work in progress, with occasional updates as the project takes form.

So a toast on this Friday to the man, Z!  We salute you!


Robin Eduardo said...

Z was one of my very best friends and writing mentor. I miss him every day and hope that he has found peace where his is now in heaven. May God bless his family and friends, we lost a great one!

~Robin Eduardo aka "Zombie Diva"

Benjamin M Hackett said...
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Noone said...

I'll bet he "Mentored" you, Robin.

Robin said...

*Somebody pointed this out to me, and originally I wasn't going to reply, since Benjamin Hackett proved not only how intelligent he is when he decided to delete his original post and then 3 minutes later follows up with an equally abusive post, yet *thinks* he's concealed his identity by making up a fake account with the username "noone".

To Benjamin Hackett: You are correct, you really are no one. Real classy too, since you felt it necessary to disrespect Z's memory and twist my heartfelt words in order to take a swipe at me. I hope it made you feel better about yourself. Grow up.