Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Review of Rigor Mortis from

We received a review from Paul Skow with Buy Zombie that made our day.

"There is an obnoxiously empty hole when it comes to zombie magazines, and RIGOR MORTIS unknowingly fills that space. RIGOR MORTIS is, in my opinion, all things a zine should be: original, clever, creative, personal, cheaply priced, funny, and smart. In my fairly limited experience with zines – I could count the number I’ve read on both hands – it seems that RIGOR MORTIS sets the bar pretty high. From the original artwork, to the in-depth reviews, to the obvious love of the genre, it seems to ooze quality....

Bojan’s original art really does elevate RIGOR MORTIS into a nearly untouchable zine. From collages of Nazi zombies, to Nosferatu, to gore-filled intestine eating, Bojan is a perfect match for the three writers...

You can obviously see my unadulterated praise for this publication, and I give it 10 out of 10 nervous breakdowns."

And, Paul, just so you know, we are working on that long-winded thing. You should see the raw drafts!

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