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Review: The Vegan Revolution... with Zombies

The Vegan Revolution... with Zombies
By David Agranoff
Review by DeadVida

Curiosity got the better of me and I ordered this novel. I mean, other than interviews with Linnea Quigley and Attack of the Vegan Zombies (which really had nothing to do with veganism), I seldom see the chocolate and peanut butter union of vegans and zombies. That said, my expectations were dubious-to-low, given that this was a new release from Deadrite Press – the same people who brought you The Haunted Vagina and Ass Goblins of Aushwitz (no, really, go look it up

That said, this was the best satire involving vegans I have ever read and the zombie outbreak here was fresh and original. In the interest of full disclosure, I am a long-time abolitionist vegan (who loves horror and has a sense of humor) and while reading the book I had to wonder who else the audience was other than me and two friends. I quickly went out and bought both friends copies.

Author David Agranoff doesn’t let anyone off the hook and for that I love him. He blasts the welfare “reforms” that have lead to the idea of “happy meat”, as well as PETA, freegans, and the “dreaded ex-vegan.” He also takes on Portland’s hipster culture (and their fucked up obsession with bacon) and Juggalos. While it is obvious he is an abolitionist, he also has some fun mocking Gary Francione’s ardent followers. That was the point at which this went from rollicking fun zombie novel to one of my favorite reads this year. Hell, he even derides the zombie-obsessed.

The overall premise is that the creation of “Stress-Free Meat,” as pushed for by welfarists and people who think exploitation can be “humane,” has unexpected consequences and meat-eaters begin turning into zombies. Set in Portland, arguably the vegan mecca of the US, the only people unaffected are those who abstain from all animal products. The protagonist, Dani, is recently vegan so she suddenly sees animal exploitation with unmuted horror. She works at a publishing house that is cranking out classic mash-ups with zombies. She begins to notice changes in her co-workers and suddenly she, her boyfriend, and the rest of the vegans in Portland are fighting for their cruelty-free lives.

The end of the book was more serious and didactic than I would have expected, but still appreciated. At 160 pages this is a quick read and one I whole-heartedly recommend.

Paperback: 160 pages
Publisher: Deadite Press
Pub date: August 30, 2010
ISBN:  9781936383139

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